5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Cleaning Service

Looking for a reliable professional cleaning service to take care of your home or business? With the right approach and some due diligence, you can find quality services that will keep your space looking spotless and exceed expectations. Here are seven tips to help you get started.

Check for Insurance and Bonding.

To protect yourself and your property, hire a cleaning company that carries both insurance and bonding. The insurance should cover injury and damage to property, while the bond guarantees that employees are honest and behave appropriately when in your building. Prior to signing any agreement with a cleaning service, always get proof of their liability insurance certificate in order to stay protected.

Ask How They Train Employees.

Make sure to ask about the training programs and procedures the professionals of the cleaning service have in place for staff. Quality companies will regularly train new employees on correct techniques, safety protocols, and other special processes like dealing with fabrics or carpets that require additional care. Ask how the company handles retraining their employees when needed, as well as how often they assess performance to ensure that each cleaning job is up to par.

Request a Full Cleaning List.

It’s important to know exactly what the cleaning service offers and covers in the contract. Ask for a full list of services typically included in a standard cleaning. Compare this to your home’s particular needs, such as additional deep cleaning or pet-specific chores. Ideally, look for cleaning companies that provide customizable solutions, so you can choose whatever services make sense for your property while sticking within budget parameters.

Look for Customizable Services and Options.

When looking for a cleaning service, make sure to ask about their customizable services and options. This can be very helpful in getting the exact services you need for your individual space or house. Many professional cleaning companies are willing to work with customers on customizing cleaning plans that suit both the customer’s needs and budget. Be aware of any restrictions and additional fees or charges that may come with customized services, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Learn About Their Cleaning Products and Equipment.

Ask about the cleaning products used by the company to ensure that they are safe for your family, pets, and home. You can also inquire about their use of green or eco-friendly cleaning methods – this is becoming increasingly common in the industry. If you require special equipment for cleaning certain surfaces, such as hardwood floors or carpets, ask if they offer these services and what type of machines they use. Knowing more about their cleaning supplies and products can help you determine whether the company meets your needs and expectations.